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Abracadabra Lotto System.

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Lotto-Tec Lottery Systems
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Texas lottery

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Texas lottery                        Texas lotto

WIN the Texas lotto using the Lotto-Tec system

texas lottery

A statistically scientific way to WIN the Texas lottery.

Texas lottery Texas lottery Texas lottery Texas lottery

This system is the only one that provides an intelligent, statistically sound, professional approach to winning the Texas lottery. It takes much of the guess work out of selecting winning combinations mainly by eliminating those choices that have virtually no chance to win. This is the most incredible WINNING Texas lottery system available today!

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Designed to Help You Win $$$ Millions
A Number Combination Generator
The Lotto Tec Wheel
Approximately 7 1/2" in diameter
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Only $11.95 + S&H

Special Offer
Combination Wheel & 105-page book
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(save $3.00)

The black bar on the right center of the wheel has 6 holes that reveal numbers with the best probability of winning. Start by selecting any number in Row 1 of the black bar. Then turn the wheel clockwise to select any number in Rows 2, 3, etc. Selecting numbers highlighted in red reduces your chances of winning. The wheel helps you put your favorite numbers in the correct row so that your probability of winning is greatest. Now "Wheel" your way to millions in the Texas Lottery.

The simple instructions are printed on the wheel. Anyone can use it in minutes. Best of all, it dramatically increases your odds of winning the Texas lottery by eliminating those numbers that haven't won, can't win, and, based on gaming theory, have no chance of winning.

Play your favorite numbers in the Texas Lottery and use the Lotto-Tec Wheel to put them in the correct combinations. Start with your numbers and then find out the correct row for them. The wheel then shows you what numbers can't win, and which ones can and have won. It is that simple.

To become an instant winner


How The Wheel Was Invented
This system was painstakingly created by two businessmen who spent countless thousands of hours developing the system. They started with a data base of past winning numbers of the Texas Lottery, combined it with statistical methods, game theory, probability studies and mathematical models to come up with this highly sophisticated, but simple-to-use "wheel" system. While they were developing the Lotto-Tech system, they examined virtually all the existing systems available and found most of them to be too complicated, too expensive, and statistically unsound. After experimentation and study, they devised this proven and unique system for selecting potentially winning lottery numbers. One of the co-developers actually selected 5 of the 6 winning numbers using the wheel in an actual game--proof that it works!


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It eliminates more than 80% of the possible combinations because it is designed to incorporate the advantages of random number theory, statistical methods and probability theory. The best thing is that it eliminates those choices that have virtually no possibility of winning. More than 90% of the winning Texas Lottery numbers were in this unique system.

To order your personal Lotto-Tec Wheel,
send your check or money order to:

Lotto-Tec Enterprises
P.O. Box 701
Granbury, Texas 76048

E mail

Call orders to:
Dale Powell (817) 279-1056
Fax : (708) 570-8721

Each wheel costs $11.95 plus $2.00 for
shipping and handling for a
total of $13.95.
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discount offer of book & wheel

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Unlike other systems, it is designed SPECIFICALLY for the Texas Lottery.The Lotto-Tec Wheel will save you $$$$ hundreds of dollars in the next few years by eliminating those numbers that don't have a chance to win. More importantly, it could make you the next Texas Millionaire by helping you to select those numbers which have the greatest probability of winning.

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If you play the Texas Lotto regularly, over the course of the next couple of years you will invest $$$$ hundreds or maybe even $$$ thousands of dollars in tickets. Why not spend a few dollars NOW to buy the Lotto-Tec Wheel and eliminate those numbers that have no chance of winning. It will pay for itself dozens of times AND it will increase your odds of hitting the correct 6 numbers dramatically.Never select a "quick pick" again. Use this statistically based wheel system to select numbers that have the highest probability of winning.

There are other complicated systems that cost from $49 to $125 and they require you to play many numbers each week, thereby increasing your real cost of their system. With the Lotto-Tec Wheel, you can play your favorite numbers and put them in the correct column. You can even play just one ticket if you wish.


To help you win, we have included a list of the most popular numbers recently drawn in the Texas Lottery so you can see which numbers are coming up more often than others.

We also have a list of how often each of the 1-50 numbers have been drawn in recent games in the Texas lottery.

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