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You can win the Arizona lottery jackpot--
The winning Arizona lotto numbers in our gambling system.

Win the Arizona lotto jackpot with the Lotto-Tec hand held system...It works!!!

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If You Are Serious About
Winning The Arizona Lotto.

Win the lotto with Lotto-Tec

Finally--A Scientific System To Play The Arizona Lotto.
In the Arizona Lotto, your odds are 1 in 5,245,786. But with the Lotto-Tec System your odds are 1 in 34,108. Clearly your odds are dramatically better by playing the Lotto-Tec system.

The simple instructions are printed on the hand held system. Anyone can use it in minutes. Best of all, it dramatically increases your odds of winning the Colorado lotto by eliminating those numbers that haven't won, can't win, and, based on gaming theory, have no chance of winning.

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Play your favorite numbers in the Arizona Lotto and use the Lotto-Tec System to put them in the correct combinations. Start with your favorite numbers and then find the correct row for them. The system then shows you what numbers can't win, and which ones can and have won. It is that simple.

Are you tired of throwing your money down the drain on lotto tickets that aren't even close to winners? Don't waste even a few dollars! Even if you play the Arizona lottery just for fun and only buy a few tickets each time, this system helps you play intelligently so that you maximize your chances of winning. You won't be spending money on tickets that have no chance of winning.

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How The System Was Invented
This system was painstakingly created by two businessmen who spent countless thousands of hours developing the system. They started with a data base of past winning numbers of the Arizona Lotto, combined it with statistical methods, game theory, probability studies and mathematical models to come up with this highly sophisticated, but simple-to-use system. While they were developing the Lotto-Tech system, they examined virtually all the existing systems available and found most of them to be too complicated, too expensive, and statistically unsound. After experimentation and study, they devised this proven and unique system for selecting potentially winning lottery numbers.

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Put The Odds In Your Favor
It would be foolish to play Blackjack in Las Vegas without understanding the basic rules of the game. (Like when to take a hit, when to double down, when to stand pat, etc.) Similarly, it is just as foolish to select numbers on the Arizona Lotto that have virtually no chance of winning. You are wasting your money. We don't guarantee that you will win, but we show you the numbers that can't win and the columns to put your favorite numbers so they have the best odds to win.

IMPORTANT FACT: More than 90% of the winning Arizona Lotto numbers were in this unique system.

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The Arizona Lotto-Tec System is a statistically scientific way to WIN the Arizona Lotto. Remember, in the Arizona Lotto, your odds are 1 in 5,245,786. But with the Lotto-Tec System your odds are 1 in 34,108. Clearly your odds are far better by playing the Lotto-Tec system.

To order your personal Lotto-Tec System,
send your check or money order to:

Lotto-Tec Enterprises*
P.O. Box 701
Granbury, Texas 76048

Each system costs $4.95 plus $1.00 for
shipping and handling for a
total of $5.95

E mail

Call  orders to:
Dale Powell         (817) 279- 1056
Fax :
(708) 570-8721

This would make a great gift for a person who has everything.  And if they win the Arizona lottery, it would be the best gift ever. Order today!!!

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*Lotto-Tec Enterprises is the developer of winning lottery systems for numerous states and is the most respected and scientifically-based approach to playing state lotteries.

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